Socially Responsible Enterprise

Our environmental management is aimed at fulfilling the requirements relating to sustainable enterprise, which the Dutch government has set from 2010 in the framework of its purchasing policy.

  • Careful selection of suppliers > reliability, ecologically sustainable paper, emission values, recycling of paper and packaging, etc.
  • Separation and processing of waste flows
  • Noise reduction
  • Energy use in the chain
  • Agreements with customers > reduce number of truck journeys, stimulate ecologically responsible types of paper, reuse packaging, etc.
  • Participant in the Decree pertaining to packing, packing waste, paper and cardboard: when designing packaging, we are (financially) responsible for using as little material as possible (weight and volume). Packing material must also be suitable for recycling.

Care for the environment and the sustainable use of energy are an essential and continual part of our production process.
This is expressed in the following attention points: